Bitcoin Amsterdam: A Recap of Our Whales’ Experience

Bitcoin Amsterdam, an event of global significance, brought together  crypto experts from all over the world. Our Presidents, representing our foundation, had the privilege to attend this event as a “whale,” and it was an experience to remember. The event was not only an opportunity to network with renowned figures but also a platform to engage in discussions that have opened doors to exciting new partnerships.

In the heart of the charming capital, Bitcoin Amsterdam took place at the majestic venue: The Westergasfabriek. The Westergasfabriek is a historical industrial complex, reimagined and repurposed for the modern age. The event transformed this historical gasworks facility into a hub of innovation and cryptocurrency enthusiasm. It was an experience that transcended the ordinary, both in its grandeur and the wealth of insights shared.

The Feeling

Walking through the Westergasfabriek felt like stepping into a future that had embraced the past. Attendees, ranging from seasoned bitcoin professionals to curious newcomers, were surrounded by an atmosphere of innovation and transformation. The juxtaposition of the venue’s history and the cutting-edge discussions happening within its walls created a sense of anticipation and wonder.

Within this remarkable setting, interactions were spirited and intellectual. It was an opportunity for attendees to engage with thought leaders, share their insights, and delve into the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Networking sessions were vibrant, and friendships were forged over shared passions and ideals.

Meeting Diverse Minds

Our Board had the honor of meeting with a diverse group of individuals. From the renowned Willem Middelkoop to the influential Madelon Vos, and even international leaders like Edward Snowden, the event showcased a wide spectrum of thought leaders, each with their unique insights into the world of cryptocurrency. It was an incredible experience to engage in a Q&A whale session with Edward, where his wisdom and knowledge illuminated the path forward in the cryptocurrency space. Additionally, we were thrilled to connect with the esteemed Adam Beck (fouding father of PoW), further enriching our understanding of proof of work

Empowering Students

One highlight of the event was our talk about the road to mass adoption. It was a moment of pride to see our student community engage with our presentation. Our Presidents were thrilled to share insights and knowledge with everyone, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future. The Bitcoin Amsterdam event turned out to be an incredible platform for our foundation. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received, not only for our presentation but also for our President’s engagement with other attendees. This has created exciting opportunities for new partnerships on the horizon.

In conclusion, Bitcoin Amsterdam was a remarkable event that allowed us to connect with some of the brightest minds in the cryptocurrency space. The interactions, discussions, and feedback received have not only enriched our understanding of the Bitcoin world but have also opened doors to potential collaborations that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of our foundation. We look forward to more such enriching experiences in the future.


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