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In addition to networking opportunities during monthly meetups, a membership of a Students Blockchain Association (SBA) also offers the opportunity to visit vents of the SBAN several times a year. The yearly symposium and other SBAN related activities are also accessible to SBA members. Furthermore, the local SBA organizes external activities and the members themselves are also given the opportunity to organize activities for their SBA. A membership is strictly personal. Only in this way is it possible to properly shape the objective of getting to know each other better and to strengthen and deepen contacts. In addition, you have a voting right to either buy or sell shares which is (obviously) personal.

This is what a SBAN offers:

Monthly meetups including:

❖ Guest lectures: an expert in the field of blockchain technology sharing their
insights and knowledge on a specific topic related to blockchain;

❖ Seminars: guest speaker or panel of experts discussing a specific topic
related to blockchain technology;

❖ Events: we will host workshops, hackathons, a national investment
competition, conferences, and networking events.

❖ Workshops: exercises or activities that allow participants to apply the
concepts they have learned in a practical setting;

❖ Permanent members so that you can actually build a network.


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