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The blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies has the potential to revolutionize industries beyond finance, such as healthcare, logistics, real estate, and many more. By becoming a member of one of the associations part of the Students Blockchain Association Netherlands, you will be part of our aim to create a powerful network of students with interest in this technology.

The membership provides you with lots of external activities, learning opportunities, job opportunities and the possibility to increase your network. Due to the increasing interest in the endless possibilities of blockchain technology, we found lots of partners who share our values and mission to provide a platform for students interested in the world of blockchain to come together, learn, and grow. These partners make it possible to have no membership fee, and to create the best and most valuable experience for our members. 

Students Blockchain Association Netherlands (SBAN) is the coordinating and facilitating organ of the associations mentioned below. By becoming a member of one of one of the associations mentioned below (according to the city where you study), you will reap all the benefits provided by SBAN. Feel like your city is missing? Please contact the board of SBAN. 

Every regional association will have its own monthly meetups, where current market topics are discussed, guest speakers are invited, and you will have the opportunity to take part in our SIC investment competition. When the SBAN organizes a national event like a certain workshop, hackathon, etc. The board of your regional association will make sure that their members have noticed this on time. Besides the regular internship / job opportunities our partners offer on the national website, you as a member will also have the chance to win exclusive internship opportunities or other prizes by participating in our events!


Feel like your city is missing? Please contact us.

Join us to explore the limitless potential of blockchain technology

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