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Bitcoin Amsterdam, an event of global significance, brought together crypto experts from all over the world. Our Presidents, representing our foundation, had the privilege to attend this event as a "whale," and it was an experience to remember. The event was not only an opportunity to network with renowned figures but also a platform to engage in discussions that have opened doors to exciting new partnerships. In the heart of the charming capital, Bitcoin Amsterdam took place at the majestic venue: The Westergasfabriek. The Westergasfabriek is a historical industrial complex, reimagined and repurposed for the modern age. The event transformed this historical gasworks facility into a hub of innovation and cryptocurrency enthusiasm. It was an experience that transcended the ordinary, both in its grandeur and the wealth of insights shared.

At the Students Blockchain Association Netherlands (SBAN), we take pride in our commitment to fostering blockchain education, connecting with industry experts, and providing unique opportunities for our members. Our journey is made even more impactful through our partnerships and the concrete deals we have established with esteemed organizations. In this blog, we will provide a clear overview of these partnerships, along with the specific and exclusive benefits they bring to our members.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the rapid rise of blockchain, Web 3.0, andcryptocurrencies has been nothing short of breathtaking. These innovations hold the promise to reshape industries, redefineour online experiences, and democratize financial systems. Yet, beyond the headlines and the hype, there is a powerful force at play - adoption. In this article we explain the role of communities in the adoption of blockchain technology.

Join us to explore the limitless potential of blockchain technology

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